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It was just, one of those days…


Every once in a while you get thrown a curveball. Typically, it doesn’t matter who threw the aforementioned curveball. All that matters is that it has arrived at you. This is your curveball.

So, what do you do with your curveball once it has been swiftly introduced to you?

Some people get wise to them and throw them right back where they came from. Some people pass it along as if it wasn’t even meant for them in the first place. Some people. Most of us though, we learn to deal with our curveballs. Not to say that we learn straight away from them, some people don’t even realize that they’re learning at all. Sometimes it takes a few curveballs to get the hang of things. But sooner or later people become a little more knowledgeable than they were before their curveball was delivered to them.

Now, because I’m as sick of that metaphor as you are I’ll just move on.

I was presented with some tough-to-swallow news today. Someone I care very deeply has tested positive for the you-know-what. Not the 80’s you-know-what, the 2020’s you-know-what. So yeah, it absolutely sucks.

In moments like these, I’ve seen people act in many ways. Worry, stress, optimism, neutrality, fear, stoicism, curiosity and hope are all emotions I’ve seen blasted into the atmosphere of a situation on the level with the one I have been presented. Personally, I’ve reacted very poorly to certain situations throughout my life, I’d even wager to say most of them.

I don’t know how to feel about this one.

I do know how I’m going to aim to feel about this one though. That is, I’m going to aim upwards to that high-flying cloud of optimism and hope we all know floats above us but seldom decide it warrants our efforts to reach for. I’m going to make sure that any useless energy I may have carelessly expelled in the form of doubts or worry is met with the right dose of reality and productive expectations. This all-to-real movie scene I’m living will be turned into nothing more than an anecdote I tell at a dinner party n the future.

As for the clovers, I just thought they looked nice.