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This post is really going to mostly be me talking about peanuts, just so you know. I’ll explain the picture a little later on (it has nothing to do with peanuts).

A tiny plant

Yeah, peanuts. I don’t know what the deal is here but lately I just can’t help myself with them. I’ve been eating them so much recently that I felt the need to lookup how many is a recommended amount to eat. On the pack here I can see that they’re “Nutri-Score: B”, which I’m assuming means they’re healthy? What I found out online was that a handful of peanuts a day is apparently very good for your ticker. Around 1.5 grams is the recommended amount to eat, according to some health-expert sciency people.

So I’ve been eating them throughout the day. They’re excellent stomach fillers, I think I’d also prefer them more than popcorn during a movie too. I do have to be careful with them though as I’ve noticed them becoming a bit of a hook for myself. I quit vaping around 7 months ago, I used to hammer away at my vape during work, and I’ve noticed that I’ve started grabbing some peanuts throughout my work day at time when I would have had a vape.

So that’s the peanut situation. Now, on to the picture of the little plant. I saw this thing growing out of a door mat that lies exposed to the elements just outside my dad’s workshop. It’s an area without too much foot traffic, but there is a radio that’s playing in there constantly, so this little thing my have just really taken to that spot. It’s obviously getting enough water from the rain and morning dew.

I just thought it was pretty neat seeing as this cute little thing is springing up out of a tool used to scrap dirt off of more important being’s shoes. Tells me that you don’t always have to become a product of your environment.