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Hello again,

This post is intended to close a pretty obvious gap between now and my last post. What may have caused this undeclared gap? I don’t hear you say… Well, as I’ve made it known in one or two of my previous posts, I started a new job this month. So far, I’ve just come out of the training period which means I’m being hit with longer hours, more tasks, etc… But what really caused this gap was fighting through the Rona. As I’ve also highlighted on here quite recently, someone I know had gotten it, and well, so did I. But I’m back, I got through it and so did they, thank god.

So the time is now, to continue plugging this site with more un/interesting content and anecdotes. I’ll surely be having some this week because I’ve got some extra time off due to the fact that I worked a 12 hour, Sunday shift today.

I also made some spur of the moment purchases today to get back into the swing of things when it comes to my long-time mechanical keyboard hobby. Yes, I’m sorry. This site will be seeing some mechanical keyboard posts…

Anyways, good to be back.